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Football and the game of life in: THE EQUIPMENT GUYS

By Neil Kleid

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THE EQUIPMENT GUYS clearly celebrates the sport, serving as an inspiring ode to football and life.
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Three boyhood friends bond over football, girls, and alcohol.

Jim, Kyle, and Seth collect vices like a black sweater collect fluff. Jim, unlike his friends, had different plans for his future. He ends up going to college and later joins his father’s law firm while his two friends continue living their lives unimpeded by rules or logic. But Jim is miserable as a lawyer, despite the perks of being the son of one of the firm’s partners. Despite the shiny company car and increasingly expensive business lunches, Jim hates his life. That is until a chance encounter with his two longtime friends changes everything.

We meet the three friends early on in their teens and that first chapter sets the stage for what could only be described as a future filled with debauchery and lack of impulse control. And yet, although the first impression one gets is that the story is about friendship and drinking and girls, you later discover they are but a thin veneer covering something far deeper. It’s a story about loyalty, about how short life is, and about following your dreams. Following your dream is not an easy thing to do, especially when the odds are stacked against you, and the author successfully expands on this, on the emotional turmoil inherent in making decisions with such far-reaching consequences.

THE EQUIPMENT GUYS is a well-written, funny and entertaining story about being true to yourself. Kleid succeeds in conveying enough ambiance and tone and story to draw the reader in for what was one hell of a ride. It does drag in a few places with a little too much description for ordinary things, but the author’s ability to create visual imagery makes up for that.  The author’s passion for football shines though in every line in the novel.

THE EQUIPMENT GUYS clearly celebrates the sport, serving as an inspiring ode to football and life.



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