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Following in the Footsteps of God

By Robb F.

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The value of "Following in the Footsteps of God" lies in the obvious needs of the present day for guidance toward a simpler and more peaceful approach to the precious lives we are given.

“Following in the Footsteps of God” is a no-nonsense guide to those of us on a spiritual journey.

Whether that journey is to join in spirit with God, the Universe or a higher power of choice, the messages all apply to the most common questions asked: “Who are we?, “Why are we here”? “What is our purpose”? and “How do we find peace in this chaotic world.”?

Robb. F’s inspirational writing is presented in the form of a journal and poetic prose. Each short chapter addresses a topic that suggests a path toward self- awareness, inner peace and an understanding of humanity and our relationship to God. If the reader is put off by the frequent reference to God, it is best to read on and realize that this is Robb’s personal viewpoint and that his messages are secular in nature and apply to all of us if we are willing to recognize their value.

Robb’s spiritual points include the following: “We are exactly where we are supposed to be at any given moment”. “We have the ability to create any reality with our minds and imagination”. “Letting go of the Ego will help to create a life of peace”. His most powerful suggestion is the concept of stillness. If we are able to sit still, in a meditative state, God, the Universe or our chosen higher power will come to us and through us. The lack of mental clutter creates space and the answers simply come to us if we sit and listen long enough.

“Following in the Footsteps of God” can be read as daily or weekly affirmations. It can be read in one sitting. It can be used as personal food for thought or group discussion. Its value lies in the obvious needs of the present day for guidance toward a simpler and more peaceful approach to the precious lives we are given.

Reviewed by Peggy La Vake for IndieReader

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