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A likeable demon becomes an unlikely guitar hero in: Devil Music

By Carly Oroz

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DEVIL MUSIC is an exciting paranormal mystery that introduces the reader to a misunderstood demon who is a far better person than most humans could hope to be.

A supernatural mystery tale of a demon named Cain who’s sent on an innocent mission by his Master, but who ends up with a lot more than he bargained for when he has to take on a serial killer named the Engineer.

Cain, a likeable demon who is controlled by his Master Mr. Warwick, is sent on a mission to go to LA and bring a televangelist’s daughter, Michelle Breen, back to their home so that his Master’s son Lance can have her as his girlfriend. Cain isn’t overly thrilled by the assignment because he doesn’t like Lance, but the freedom of getting away from Mr. Warwick more than makes up for the distaste of the assignment. Besides, he has no choice. Mr. Warwick has a collar on Cain that forces him to obey, because if he doesn’t he receives shocks of pain that no human could endure.

Lance also has a brother named Steve, who is constantly bullied by Lance and his distasteful friends. Steve begs Cain to take him with him on the assignment, but is forced to stay home.  In time, he does end up connecting with Cain, and serves quite a useful purpose at just the right time.

Cain makes it to LA to find Michelle and ends up meeting a street person named Crazy Loti. At least he thinks she’s a street person, but all is not as it seems on the streets of LA. Cain also purchases a used guitar, which he plays quite well, so well in fact that Bruce Arkin, President and CEO of Daggerspoint Records, discovers Cain and decides to create a band using him as the frontman and lead guitarist. After all, how many lead guitarists are capable of making fire and lightning billow around their guitar, levitate books and papers, and create harmless starbursts and fireworks? And that was just for his audition.

Cain is accompanied by three other musicians, Izzy, Sammi, and Vince, all of whom are the only surviving victims of the Engineer and all of whom, coincidentally, have their own supernatural powers, like transforming into other creatures at will, firing lightning bolts from their fingers, or probing the minds of others and stealing their memories. Is this just a coincidence, or is something else afoot?  That, of course, is part of the mystery.

Who is the Engineer and why is he killing young male rock musicians? What is Cain’s real mission, if not to find Michelle and bring her home?  And why is it that humans seem to be far worse than the demons they fear?  And what relationship might Cain have with a young man who supposedly murdered his mother and suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder?

As a mystery, DEVIL MUSIC performs its task quite well, carrying the reader along on its mysterious and at times humorous ride to its exciting conclusion. It is filled with interesting and quirky characters, and its insight into the human condition is well-examined through the eyes of an innocent demon like Cain.

DEVIL MUSIC is an exciting paranormal mystery that introduces the reader to a misunderstood demon who is a far better person than most humans could hope to be.


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