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Delicious erotic action in CHASING WREN’S TALE

By J.A. Fales

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CHASING WREN'S TALE offers delicious erotic action with a plot entertaining enough to make even the bits between the sex scenes enjoyably readable.

Gunnolf and Loki Fenric are brothers, and incidentally also immortal berserker werewolves. In the modern world, they seem to be doing quite well – a huge bachelor mansion, a successful fitness studio, and hosts of women fighting to jump into bed with them. But Gunnolf in particular has a driving goal – he has spent centuries hunting down the descendant of a nymph who killed his brutal half-brother. His prey turns out to be Wren, the diminutive but lovely and strong-willed owner of the yoga studio next door, and his murderous thoughts turn decidedly lustful, a desire she returns despite her reluctance to ever get involved with another man. But the Gods are shifty and unpredictable, and Gunnolf and Wren have much to discover about themselves and each other before they can write their happily-ever-after.

CHASING WREN’S TALE is a lively erotic romp, with a mischievous sense of humor and delightfully sexy characters. One of the main problems with romance novels as a genre is that the characters tend to end up doing things that are not sensible or believable by normal-person standards in order to further the erotic action. Fales’s way around that problem is genius. Her characters aren’t actually human at all, and since their motivations are perfectly sensible for the beings they are, there’s no need to make them behave like “normal” people. It makes perfect sense for Gunnolf, therefore, to behave like a brute, because he is one, and perfect sense for Wren to stand up to him while simultaneously thoroughly enjoying the *ahem* positive aspects of a big brutish male lover.

The plot gets a few things wrong about mythology – Frigga was Odin’s wife, not Freya, and Metis was a Goddess, not a male – but let’s face it, the point of this book is not literary accuracy but hot erotic action. Indeed, the sex is hot, passionate, and intense, with enough dominance-submission to spice things up considerably for those with inclinations in that direction. And the plot has substantial charm even outside of the bedroom, especially in its minor characters – this is certainly not Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, for example, but it’s not hard to picture his nimble verbal skills and flirtatious flair in the role nonetheless. The book does leave some loose ends and unanswered questions at the end, hopefully for a sequel to take up and resolve.

CHASING WREN’S TALE offers delicious erotic action with a plot entertaining enough to make even the bits between the sex scenes enjoyably readable.

~Catherine Langrehr for IndieReader

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