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CONSULTING DRUCKER: Principles and Lessons from the World’s Leading Management Consultant

By William Cohen

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CONSULTING DRUCKER is a crisp, richly detailed read about Peter Drucker, one of the great business thinkers of our time.

If there’s any job needing a handbook, it’s “consulting,” the only profession that should be required to travel with its own set of air quotes. So it comes as something just a little short of a godsend that William H. Cohen has given us CONSULTING DRUCKER: Principles and Lessons from the World’s Leading Management Consultant, a deep dive into the teachings and philosophies of the famous management guru Peter Drucker. If you’ve taken a marketing or business class in college in the last 75 years, you undoubtedly know the name. The founder of modern management and his writings and teachings have done nothing less than change the way business thinks about business, emphasizing correlations in human behavior, rather than just crunching the numbers, as was the principle before he came along. And while the book is slavishly devoted to all thing Drucker, the good news is that it is book is so brilliantly detailed, so crisply and elegantly scripted–with Drucker’s precepts being carefully laid out and beautifully applied–you don’t need to be a Drucker nerd to appreciate it.

CONSULTING DRUCKER never gets so absorbed into its own “Druckerisms” that it’s off-putting for the Drucker novice, either. The book has a friendly feel, which helps it avoid the curriculum-required tone that so many books of this nature are burdened with. For readers not familiar with this “social ecologist” (as Drucker liked to refer to himself), Cohen includes such rudimentary Drucker basics as “The Five Most Important Questions A Company Can Ask Itself”, appealing to a broader market than just the consultancy target audience. There’s even a chapter entitled “How To Think Like Drucker, Einstein, and Sherlock Holmes”.

Drucker isn’t the only draw here. Cohen pulls in examples and lessons learned from everyone from Confucius to ant farm inventor, Joe Cossman, makeup maven Mary Kay Ash, and the world’s first real mermaid, Susana Seuma. But Drucker’s remarkable principles are front and center and Cohen is the perfect guide, as the author wasn’t just a Drucker disciple, but also a friend. If you’re in business—consulting or not—CONSULTING DRUCKER should be required reading.

~Steven Foster for IndieReader

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