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CACTUS WEDDING: A Texas Wine Trail Series (book #2)

By Heather Renée May

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Heather Renée May's CACTUS WEDDING is a feel-good story about a young woman who changes her career path, reestablishes a relationship with her estranged sister, and finds the man of her dreams.

Recently divorced, Kate gives up her traditional lifestyle and career to live in an Airstream RV where she works on writing her debut novel. A relationship with new boyfriend Zach and a visit from her estranged sister influence how she plans to spend the rest of her life.

Heather Renée May’s CACTUS WEDDING introduces readers to Kate, who enjoys living a recreational life in her cozy Airstream caravan nestled in an RV resort in Fredericksburg, Texas—the perfect place for her to write her first novel. On the heels of a failed marriage to a famous documentary filmmaker, she is happy to get away from his world of glamour and notoriety. Now in a much different environment and mindset, she is cautious with relationships, including the one she’s currently in with Zach, a medical doctor who has taken leave from his practice to invest in a Texas winery.

Life as Kate knows it is temporarily interrupted when her sister Lillie, a musician who lives in France and who Kate hasn’t seen in years, comes to the U.S. for a visit. The last time Kate saw her sister had been a sad occasion—together in their mother’s hospice room. Lillie had left for France the next day, leaving their relationship strained. But now Lillie’s work visa in France has expired, and she isn’t sure what she’s going to do or where she’s going to live. Kate and Lillie spend a few delightful, fun-filled days together, catching up in each other’s lives and visiting local areas of interest. After a completely satisfying reunion, Kate and Lillie bid tearful goodbyes. Lillie travels to their hometown of Port Angeles, Washington to contemplate her future. Kate returns to her Airstream to work on her novel. When a bout of writer’s block stalls her creativity—unsure whether she’s distracted with thoughts of Zach or needs a change in setting to clear her mind—she decides to drive to Port Angeles to visit Lillie. While there, she has another wonderful visit with her sister, finishes her novel, and returns to Texas. Back home, she learns more about Zach’s winery start-up business and develops a stronger relationship with him.

CACTUS WEDDING is free of any real conflict, crises, tension, or drama. Each scene is comfortable and pleasant. Each has a perfect outcome. Events in the story either fall into place immediately or after a minor hiccup. Author May writes the book using a simple, wholesome vocabulary and elementary sentence structure, making it a very easy read. While some may find this writing style refreshing, others may find it too mundane to stay engaged.

Heather Renée May’s CACTUS WEDDING is a feel-good story about a young woman who changes her career path, reestablishes a relationship with her estranged sister, and finds the man of her dreams.

~Florence Osmund for IndieReader

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