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Angels, demons and supernatural warriors battle in: CROSSBACK

By Paul Proffet

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CROSSBACK is a solid sequel and a stellar fantasy horror adventure.

Recovering from defeating an ancient demon, Doyle and Briar gather warriors to hunt down and stop a sinister entity targeting children. Angelic beings and demonic forces clash, humans tinged with supernatural abilities power up, and a war looms in CROSSBACK.

After defeating the nasty Pariah in the first book, CROSSBACK finds Doyle and his gang hunting down a demonic force abducting children known as the Piper. This time, Doyle and Briar form a team of supernatural warriors to face this new threat. Meanwhile, an angelic being with muted powers befriends a drunken priest caring for terminally ill children. Yet another thread follows the remnants of an army struggles to recuperate from the events of the first book. All three threads dance and weave as the plot races to an explosive ending.

CROSSBACK is a delightful blend of urban fantasy, horror, and a hodge podge of mythologies. Characters from the first adventure return and are fleshed out further and the stage is set for a thundering sequel. Doyle and allies face down the Piper and light the fuse for a war drawing in old allies and enemies alike. The urban fantasy aspect deals with angels versus demons in modern day England with “majick” and other supernatural powers. The “majick” is interesting and well fleshed out and holds a secret for series fans. Demonic forces, especially the Piper, are horrific and revel in gore. All of which deftly mingle thanks to a strong internal mythology drawn from various European ones. With some editing and formatting polish, CROSSBACK stands as a strong entry in the genre. The writing is fast-paced, the characters are dynamic and worn-in, and the plot is addictively engaging.

CROSSBACK is a solid sequel and a stellar fantasy horror adventure.

~ IndieReader.

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