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An Adventure of the ILLEGAL kind

By John Dennehy

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John Dennehy's recap of how he became ILLEGAL in several South American countries is both an enlightening, and at times, terrifying read. For anyone looking to travel and remain for awhile in Ecuador, the book is both insightful and educational.
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ILLEGAL tracks how one man’s spontaneous trip to South America results in a constant battle with borders. This is a true story about how disillusionment in America leads to a whole new life involving love, friendship and self development.

At some point I am sure that everyone feels frustrated with their own country.  It is easy to get annoyed with those in power, to question what they are doing, their morals and their reasons for their decisions, but very few people see it as an opinion to escape and seek out something completely different somewhere else.

John Dennehy however, did just that.

Sick to death of the politics in America, John opts to jump on a plane and head to a country he knows very little about – Ecuador.  Why?  It was “… simply the place where I found a job from an online posting”.    Now, whilst some may called this reckless, others would celebrate his adventurous streak, praising him for getting out there and seeing the world.

What is surprising however is how willing John is prepared to go to completely submerge himself into society of his new found homeland.  Not one for sitting back, after sourcing his first job online, he quickly finds a place to live, immerses himself into the culture, learns to speak Spanish, falls in love and gets slightly too involved in the ongoing rallies and revolts taking place all over the country. 

This is far more than just another story about a boy who feeling disgruntled with life buys a plane ticket and spends the next few years moving from place to place in order to find himself.  This is a passionate tale of the struggles faced by everyday people just trying to move freely around the world.  It is an anecdotal reflection on what life is like when you are controlled by borders and how, regardless of how free we believe we are those borders will always prevent us from being able to travel without restrictions.

Even if you do agree with the tight laws that surround border crossings, you will struggle not to like the narrator of this story.  He has a hunger for life, for fair treatment and for finding his own place in this confusing world. 

Some of you will read John’s story and wholeheartedly believe that he was a complete fool whilst others will want to follow in his footsteps, pack a bag and run off in search of their own new reality.

~Tamason Gamble for IndieReader

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