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A Life of faith and humility converge in INTIMACY WITH GOD: One Man’s Journey

By Rob Oberto

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INTIMACY WITH GOD is a spiritual memoir recounted with verve and fervor.
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Pastor, teacher, speaker and writer Rob Oberto describes how we can encounter God in a real, inspiring way in the midst of ordinary life.

INTIMACY WITH GOD was written to convince others as the author was convinced, gradually and sometimes painfully, of the possibility of contact with God. Oberto focuses not just on grand experiences, but also on what others might consider mundane happenings in his life, seeing them as proof of the close relationship he has built with God. In a class in his freshman year at college, for example, Oberto’s fellow students rudely read magazines while the religious instructor droned on. Too embarrassed to follow his classmates’ example, Oberto actually listened, and the lessons sank in. Soon, God began audibly speaking to him as he pondered the meaning of his life. He could hear a voice clearly telling him that God had work for him. Through many low points and victories, this relationship deepened. Dedicating himself to teaching and ministry, Oberto had, among other experiences, a profound vision of being crucified with Jesus, and of multiple visits to a castle to sit with the Lord and share bread and wine. He concludes that, “Unity with God requires a childlike attitude, humility, an opened heart, and unhindered transparency…”

Oberto writes in a straightforward style, often injecting humor as he recounts his ignorance, occasional stubbornness, even refusal to accept the messages that God was planting in his mind and heart. He frankly paints himself as the skeptical young man he once was, yet projects genuine humility about the many ways in which God was there for him and his family over the years. Because of this adroit balance, INTIMACY WITH GOD can appeal to believers without seeming overly pious to someone with doubts and suspicions about religion.

INTIMACY WITH GOD is a spiritual memoir recounted with verve and fervor.