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IndieJourney: Thomas Lloyd Qualls

Anyone who has ever finished a novel–and all those many more who have not been able to–will tell you that the writing and re-writing and tearing apart and starting over and writing some more, not to mention the drinking caused by all this, takes up a fair bit of time. So when it was finally over I breathed a naive sigh of relief, thinking that the hard part was behind me. Continue reading

IndieJourney: Michelle May

Set high standards. It is important to conform to publishing standards by making your independently published books indistinguishable from those published traditionally-including impeccable editing (both text and context), professional layout, and cover design.

Trust your instincts. I did not love the cover
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IndieJourney: Micheal Gyulai

iUniverse did a spectacular job at packaging and printing Midnight in Rome; the quality of the book could not have been any better coming from a traditional publishing house. But the investment of time and money after the publishing process was simply too great a burden to shoulder individually. Continue reading

IndieJourney: Lisa Saunders

I signed my first contract with a publisher. I gave up the right to sell my self-published version (which hurt when I received an order for a hundred copies from a hospital) and spent an entire summer rewriting the manuscript according to the editor’s specifications. But moments before the book went to press, the publisher downsized. My editor was let go…and so was my book. Continue reading

IndieJourney: Kenn Amdahl

After 28 publishers rejected my first book, I decided maybe they were right. I slid the manuscript into a drawer and wrote another book. After 89 publishers rejected the second book, I decided they were all wrong. I formed Clearwater Publishing Company and published it myself.
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