About Indiereader

Building Strong Books and Successful Authors.

The requirements for publishing a great book are similar to that of being in great shape: before you do anything else, you need to focus your attention and resources on your core.

In weight training terms, the strength of your core is determined by the muscles that work as stabilizers for the entire body.  In publishing terms, the core of a great book comprises the quality of the editing, cover design and layout.  It is therefore these items on which IndieReader Publishing Services put our focus.

Since IR’s launch in 2009, we have reviewed thousands of self-published titles. In those 8 years we have also seen most of the negativity directed to self-publishing disappear, to the point where indie books regularly make the major bestseller lists, win major literary awards and sell hundreds of thousands of copies.  Which means that the competition to write and publish a great book is only greater, because today’s writers are not just competing with other indie authors, they’re competing with traditionally published authors too.

As a twice traditionally published author herself, Amy Edelman, founder of IR, knows exactly what it takes for an indie title to not just succeed, but also to stand out from the pack.

Let Amy and her team help you publish a book that’s good enough to succeed in today’s publishing world. Don’t just settle for creating a great self-published book. IRPS will work with you to create a great book, period.