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Requiem of Sin

I walked into the wrong hotel room…
To a naked man fresh out of the shower.
Now, I’m pregnant with his baby.

I should’ve left as soon as I saw him.
He was too beautiful to be real.
I got halfway to the door…
And then he saw exactly what I was trying to hide.

“Who hurt you?” he said when he glimpsed the bruises. “Let me fix it.”
I should’ve said no.
But honestly? I deserve a little luck from the universe.
And if it wants to provide that luck in the form of a gorgeous, six-foot angel of darkness…
Well, I won’t turn my nose up at that.

But nothing in this life comes without strings attached.
My angel gives me a night from heaven…

When morning comes, though, he turns into a devil.
And not just any devil.
This devil knows where I’m from.
Who I am.
What I’ve done.

And he’s determined to make me pay for all of it.

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