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The True Definition of Beauty

#100 USA Today Best Seller List

So much of our lives are affected by our appearances. The way we’re viewed by the world, the way we view ourselves, and the way we communicate with others are all influenced by the non-verbal cues we send out. When these cues are aligned with who we are and how we truly feel inside, our relationships with others and our confidence in ourselves can be dramatically improved.

Modern advances in cosmetic surgery can help people achieve these life-changing results. But all too often, patients are hesitant to seek treatment. They don’t know their options. They don’t know what questions to ask. And,  above all else, they don’t want to look like they’ve “had work done.”

In his book, Dr. Adam J. Scheiner lays out a philosophy towards cosmetic procedures that focuses on revealing a patient’s innate natural beauty and reclaiming their appearance from damage like sun exposure and the inevitable deterioration caused by aging. This approach leads to more harmonious results that are subtle, yet powerful.

By explaining the mathematical basis underlying true, balanced beauty, and then demonstrating the ways in which cosmetic procedures can bring this true beauty to light, Dr. Scheiner seeks to set patients’ fears at ease and arm them with the knowledge they need to guarantee they get the results they desire and deserve.

Discover the options available to you and how they can bring your true beauty to light.


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