Imagine Murder She Wrote meets The Golden Girls and you’ll be in the ballpark of Daisy Pettles’ GHOST BUSTING MYSTERY, where the fun is infectious and the story will keep readers laughing, while showing us all how to grow older with grace, humor, and style.


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    PY says:

    The big question is In the title- who is the Baby’s Daddy? I kept changing my mind and was wondering until the end! This second part in the Shady Hoosiers Detective series is better than the first. I want Ruby Jane and Veenie as friends- smart, great sense of humor and lovers of junk food! Although I am not from a town like Knobby Waters I felt like I belonged. Daisy Pettles is a fantastic story teller and I can imagine sitting on a porch swing listening to her tell the tales of this small town. She sprinkled in humor with intelligence and teased me with whispers of the next book. Plus this reminds me of a cross between ‘Murder She Wrote’ and ‘The Andy Griffith show’. I love it and love sitting down, hunkering under the covers and reading it with a cat on my lap- that’s my perfect day!


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