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Ivan Figueroa on “Spirituality 103, The Forgiveness Code: Finding The Light In Our Shadows”

Spirituality 103, The Forgiveness Code received a 4+ star review, making it an IndieReader Approved title.

Following find an interview with author Ivan Figueroa.

What is the name of the book and when was it published?

Spirituality 103, The Forgiveness Code: Finding The Light In Our Shadows

What’s the book’s first line? 

And in the beginning only darkness existed, but in its dream it saw, within its Magical Mirror or primordial mind, all of the possibilities of its reflecting creation, and an enormous explosion awoke it, and upon opening its eyes it saw its image in the mirror and was no longer alone.

What’s the book about? Give us the “pitch”. 

A battle between the light of your knowledge and the shadows of your ignorance is happening as you read this cover. Your warrior of light is receiving wounds that cause your life’s suffering.

Do you want to give your internal warrior the best weapons to reach victory?

In this book, the third in the School of Life trilogy, Dr. Figueroa-Otero helps us discover our mind’s magical mirror, where this epic battle determines where we are in the road to return to our light source. You will learn about your spiritual DNA, emotions, and where to find the healing code for our emotional scars–forgiveness.

What inspired you to write the book? A particular person? An event? 

The inner healing process of finding the light in my shadows, guided by  my dreams, my inner voices,  and what I learned from my Teachers, patients, family and friends.

What’s the main reason someone should really read this book? 

If you want to learn  to delete the word guilt from the dictionary of Love and share responsibly the burden of suffering as the rectifying lessons of love, then you should read it.

If they made your book into a movie, who would you like to see play the main character(s)?

Brad Pitt.

When did you first decide to become an author?

At 70 years, I started hearing inner voices to write a book and several psychic friends suggested I was ready. (Read the epilogue of my book for the rest of the story).

Is this the first book you’ve written?

No, this is the third of many.

What do you do for work when you’re not writing?

Former Academic Pediatric Surgeon now doing Integrative medical care based on spirituality and Chinese style acupuncture.

How much time do you generally spend on your writing?

I am continually writing ideas and phrases that arise inwardly but when it all comes together I write a book in days or maybe weeks, The first one, one weekend, the second 2 weeks and the last three weeks.

What’s the best and the hardest part of being an indie?  

The good part, I keep my message and style faithful to my inspiration and avoid commercializing “sellable” books. The bad part, the time, effort and costs to market the book. I don’t write to please a market of specific readers, I write to find the readers who are ready to be pleased by my book.

What’s a great piece of advice that you can share with fellow indie authors?

If you have an inner message to share, write it.

Would you go traditional if a publisher came calling?  If so, why? 

Yes. Since I could have more time to write my next book more rapidly and have more time to share my message in a more personal basis.

Is there something in particular that motivates you?

This phrase sums it. “The Master is nothing more than a disciple, who likes to help others to find their mastery.”

Which writer, living or dead, do you most admire?

Richard Bach- Illusions.

Which book do you wish you could have written?

None. I am satisfied with what has been trusted on me and joyful what has been given to others.

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