by Kelly Eckert

Verdict: WHAT’S YOUR SPIRIT ANIMAL? by Harvard graduate Kelly Eckert, is an informative and comprehensive guide in the use of spirit animals to enhance one’s life.

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WHAT’S YOUR SPIRIT ANIMAL? is a book that fully explores the concept of spirit animals. It offers a section on discovering one’s spirit animal with detailed information on how to do so, as well as scenarios concerning how to use the spirit animal once discovered.

The first section of the book addresses the benefits of working with spirit animals, explains what spirit animals are, gives a step-by-step process explaining how to connect with one’s spirit animal, and follows up with exercises to utilize them once they are identified. The second part of the book is composed of an alphabetical directory of eighty-eight animals, which are fully described and analyzed, according to their spiritual characteristics. There is also a companion set of beautifully illustrated spirit animal cards, which can be used along with the book. The cards can be found on author Kelly Eckert’s website, along with a link to a free guided meditation, in which she leads the reader to the discovery of a personal spirit animal.

Eckert, a Harvard graduate, is an advocate of personal and professional development, as well as environmental conservation, which is evident in her writing. Her background in biology and biological anthropology contributes to her vast understanding of animals. WHAT’S YOUR SPIRIT ANIMAL? offers a great deal of information on the nature of animals, as well as their potential use as spirit animals, making it an interesting read. The information can be a bit overwhelming, because of the large number of animals presented. For those interested in the subject, however, it is a valuable resource.

WHAT’S YOUR SPIRIT ANIMAL? is an informative and comprehensive guide in the use of spirit animals to enhance one’s life. Eckert’s vast knowledge of animals and their characteristics is fully present in this work, as is her love for them.

~Kat Kennedy for IndieReader

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