The Best Writing Advice I’ve Ever Received with Guy Kawasaki

Meet Guy Kawasaki. He is the author of 13 books, a keynote speaker, startup founder, instructor and all-around maddeningly accomplished person.

Guy generously offered advice to kick off our “Best Writing Advice I Ever Received” social series, but he was so generous with his advice that our little sound-bite-sized social post was overwhelmed with his wisdom. So we’ve collected what we couldn’t fit on the social post here for your to soak up.

Why Guy Kawasaki’s Advice Matters to Indie Authors

If you still don’t know who Guy is, tune in: Kawasaki is the former Chief Evangelist at Apple, and a member of the marketing team for the world-changing original Macintosh computer. He’s also more recently Chief Evangelist of Canva (which indie authors use ALL. THE. TIME. to easily create stellar covers for their books).

Finally, Guy’s most recent book is A.P.E. – Author. Publisher. Entrepreneur., which earned a perfect 5.0 from IR’s reviewer, and is an invaluable resource for anyone publishing their own book.

We say all this so you know Guy’s advice is not to be taken lightly.

Drumroll, please…

Guy Kawasaki’s Best Writing Advice

  1. First and foremost: read If You Want to Write by Brenda Ueland.
  2. Use Microsoft Word and make every part of your book a “style” (for example, “first para”) so that it’s easy to convert to Adobe InDesign. Learn how here.
  3. Search for every instance of “ly” to hunt down and kill adverbs.
  4. Power tip: Edit–Find–Advanced Find and Replace—turn on “Use Wildcards” and turn on “End of Word” in the Special pop-up menu.
  5. Search for every instance of “be” to hunt down and kill the passive voice. Note: put a space after “be” so that you don’t find “be” within words.
  6. Search and replace every double space with a single space.
  7. Go on a “which” hunt by searching for every instance of “which” and “that” to ensure that you’re using the right word.
  8. Make a thumbnail of your cover and look at it next to the thumbnails on an Amazon page. Can you even read the title?
  9. Starting the day that you start your book, spend two hours building up your social-media following for every hour you spend writing.
  10. Install a social-media blocker like Freedom to separate social-media activities from writing.\\

For more author-centric Kawasaki goodness, read Guy’s book “Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur-How to Publish a Book.”

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There you have it! Succinct, but each of these pieces of advice helps make your book the best it can be, and sets you on a path to a more professional release.

Guy Kawasaki is Just the Start!

Be sure to look out for more “Best Writing Advice I’ve Ever Received” blogs in the future!

We’ll be releasing them weekly, to give you time to put the advice into action, week by week.

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