Ac Chenier on finding the perfect soul mate

Loves of our Lives received a 4+ star review, making it an IndieReader Approved title.

Following find an interview with author Ac Chenier.

What is the name of the book and when was it published?

Loves of our Lives and it was published in January 2016

What’s the book’s first line? 

Katie settled herself in the seat on the train. Ah, the end of another week at work, time to relax and enjoy the ride home.

What’s the book about? Give us the “pitch”. 

For Katie Benjamin, finding the perfect soul mate was just a fairy tale until a chance encounter on a train changes everything. What she discovers takes her on a journey that spans lifetimes.

What inspired you to write the book? A particular person? An event? 

The inspiration for the book was the work of Dr. Brian Weiss, and in particular his book Only Love is Real. It is the true story of two of his patients who didn’t know each other, but Dr. Weiss gradually came to understand that the past lives they revealed under hypnosis were the same. He slowly realized that they were soul mates who just hadn’t met yet in this lifetime. I thought it was such a great story, and would be a wonderful basis for a romance novel. Since I love historical romance, it gives me a great opportunity to write both contemporary and historical scenes.

What’s the main reason someone should really read this book?

The first reason is to have something enjoyable to read. Like all artists I’m part entertainer and part educator. What any fiction author likes is to provide a few hours of entertainment and fun for a reader. The educator side of me hopes that just maybe a reader will gain a new perspective on life. We are all humans, and the many ways we categorize ourselves distracts us from that core fact….we are all the same… human beings.

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