by David Sanders

Verdict: THREE YOUR LIFE offers readers a sober, no-frills look at how to assess your inherent skill set and channel that skill set toward becoming successful in your career.

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Numerous books have been written about how to succeed in life. However, author David Sanders presents a refreshing, “think outside of the box” approach to determining a course of action that will best channel your skill set, based on a solid foundation that adheres to discipline, persistence, and being honest with yourself.

Sanders notes, for example, that he asked himself four basic questions: Who am I? What am I? Where am I headed? Where do I wish to go?

The author emphasizes that you should avoid thinking too deeply and, instead, act based on your initial impulses. Sanders reasons that wavering on making decisions often produces negative results down the road.

This book advocates a proactive approach to assessing your progress, and deciding which path to follow, within the context of the whole self as well as the sum of the parts. For example, Sanders notes that the first layer of our foundation is a key to being successful. Each layer is dependent upon the other layers.

Perhaps one of the most profound references Sanders makes in the book is about having a positive attitude, which translates into having a positive perception of the world around you. The bottom line is that you might be more fortunate than other people, compared to, say, a paraplegic war veteran, a terminally ill person, or a homeless person.

If you are truly to achieve success in life, it is essential that you remove elements that hinder your progress— dead-end jobs, excessive debt, lack of confidence, procrastination, doubt, unhealthy fear, and a poor attitude. The book champions positive elements—time, schedules, rituals and habits, guides and directions, budgets, deadlines and milestones, patience, and defined objectives.

Sanders spells out essential prerequisites to adhere to if you want to achieve success. Goals, needs, wants, desires, and being productive are part of the overall equation necessary to move toward success in life. Instead of depending on those around you to help you succeed, look to yourself on the road to success.

~George Furukawa for IndieReader

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