Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister Self-Pubbed a New Election Book

by John Maher in PW (Nov 08, 2016)

Randi Zuckerberg, the entrepreneur, investor, author of Dot., and sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, has self-published Missy President, a children’s book about a fourth-grade girl whose homework assignment about the 2016 presidential election goes viral.

Zuckerberg chose to self-publish the book in order to rush it out in time for the election, explained her agent, Andrew Blauner of the Blauner Books Literary Agency. The book was published on CreateSpace, according to Zuckerberg Media COO Jim Augustine, and the title is available on Amazon as a Kindle e-book. It is also the first entry in what Zuckerberg hopes will be a forthcoming series that will, she said, “introduce children to different facets of politics, government, and technology.”

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