by Jeana E. Mann

Verdict: PRETTY BROKEN GIRL is an erotic romance that will fulfill all of your sexy office fantasies: dirty talk in the boardroom, quickies on the desk.

IR Rating



IR Rating

Dakota Atwell is too busy climbing the corporate ladder for romance; besides, she left her heart behind when she ditched her old life ten years ago. She did what she had to do to get to where she is now, and just wants to keep moving forward. But a chance encounter at a coffee shop brings all of the memories back: the betrayal, the bribe, the abandonment.

Sam Seaforth has never forgiven Dakota. Now that she’s back in his life, thanks to a strategically planned corporate merger, he’s going to enjoy punishing her. He demands that she go on demeaning errands and looks forward to destroying her contract. But there’s something hidden underneath her guilt and his hatred that might not be so broken after all.

PRETTY BROKEN GIRL is an erotic romance that will fulfill all of your sexy office fantasies: dirty talk in the boardroom, quickies on the desk. The sexual tension between Dakota and Sam crackles on every page, and their trysts are as hot as they are emotionally catastrophic for the characters. Flashback chapters develop the characters’ backstories, although readers more interested in sexually charged elevator rides and side-slit pencil skirts may find the generic teenage love story a distraction from the meat of the story.

The writing is best when unadorned; the book shifts masterfully between emotionally impactful introspection and light sadomasochism mind games, but contains jagged sentences like “our gazes connected with the impact of two colliding automobiles.” Although the reader is meant to root for Dakota, the author manages to keep Sam fully dimensional and sympathetic, constantly questioning the reader’s loyalties. The real flaw on the emotional side is Dakota’s secret: the logic behind her actions, once revealed, doesn’t match up with the shame and guilt she presents in front of Sam. Her guilt appears to have been contrived to propel the narrative into more will-they-won’t-they-when-will-they banter.

The book quietly shines in details, like Dakota’s apartment and her mother’s gardening, which keep the explosive emotions and dramatic sex tethered in reality. It will be hard to see a closed office door and not think about what—and with whom—is going on inside after reading PRETTY BROKEN GIRL.

PRETTY BROKEN GIRL is romantic office erotica with emotional depth if not an entirely original plot.

~Danielle Bukowski for IndieReader

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