Learn the truth about the Discoverer of America in COLUMBUS—THE UNTOLD STORY

by Manuel Rosa

Verdict: Solving a 500-year-old medieval conspiracy, the information contained within the pages of COLUMBUS—THE UNTOLD STORY is nothing less than eye opening.

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A fateful opportunity turns into a twenty-five year documented research to prove that much of what you learned in school about Christopher Columbus turns out to be “a monumental lie.”

Columbus—The Untold Story unveils the entire story of deception about Don Critóbal Colón, “the man historians mistakenly call Christopher Columbus.” While working on genealogical tables for a translation of a controversial book on the infamous discoverer, historian Manuel Rosa is compelled to perform his own research. Expecting to disprove the outrageous claims of the author, Rosa’s passionate research only confirms the author’s assertions that Don Critóbal Colón was indeed an agent for King John II of Portugal. Over the course of 300-plus pages of densely packed information, Rosa relays the true account of this mysterious double agent—the learned man who was sent on a mission “to divert Spain away from the real India and protect Portugal’s monopoly” whose plan to fool the world lasted for half a millennium.

Rosa dispels conspiracy theories on Christopher Columbus in his magnum opus. An intense study combination of books, documents, chronicles, and the most uncompromising modern-day scientific methods, Rosa’s stunning research provides the latest and the greatest factual information to date on the real person who is recognized as the first person to discover America. As he takes his readers on an unforgettable historical journey detailing Colón’s extensive knowledge, travels, and tight connections with the the king of Portugal–to only name a few examples–Rosa’s major emphasis centers on evidence that reveals Colón’s true lineage. (Hint: He’s NOT from Genoa, as history leads us to believe!)

Although Rosa exposes immense amounts of incontrovertible data, he is forthright to mention that the research is ongoing with plans for future DNA testing. That said, Rosa concludes by calling upon the scientific community for assistance in continued research. Encouraging “the exchange of ideas and information from others around the world,” Rosa includes a website where comments can be posted.

Solving a 500-year-old medieval conspiracy, the information contained within the pages of COLUMBUS—THE UNTOLD STORY is nothing less than eye opening.

~Anita Lock for IndieReader

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    Lourenço Damas says:

    An amazing work of research that will change Christopher Columbus’ history. How did historians ever get it so wrong? Manuel Rosa does an excellent job in following the evidence and presenting the facts.

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    mike helbert says:

    Steven Newcomb, Shawnee/Lenape, has done a lot of research about cristobol colon. He has included it in his work on the Doctrine of Discovery. We folks from the US have been pretty much lied to about the whole affair.


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