by Susan Kapatoes

Verdict: A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY is the insightful story of one woman's enlightenment that will resonate with anyone who has experienced transcendence, and for those who haven't, it may provide a road-map to get there.

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From working as a counselor for adults with mental health issues, to teaching schoolchildren about organic farming, Susan Kapatoes brings a wealth of life experience to this guide for self-improvement and spiritual growth. In addition to describing her own instances of oneness with a Higher Power and acquiring a “pure state of being,” she provides meditative instruction for readers to facilitate their own spiritual events.

Kapatoes shares her odyssey from lapsed Catholic, to Buddhist, to a more inclusive brand of spirituality, one based on a more general platform of treating others, including animals and the Earth, ethically and with a “purity of intention.” She also chronicles her shifting careers and interpersonal relationships to share the knowledge she has gained in the process. This wide range encompasses everything from environmental and nutritional information, to effective customer service skills, to herbal medicine. Interludes relating to various relationships in her life contribute lessons on appreciating individual connections for what they are, even if they must come to an end.

Much of Kapatoes’ guidance is refreshingly concrete and useful, a rare commodity in the Spiritual/Religious genre. Her language is accessible and her advice is easy to implement. She expresses belief in the power of positive thinking, for example, while also noting that hard work is equally vital to achieving anything. She further suggests focusing one’s energy on the micro rather than the macro scale, effecting change on a small, but no less meaningful scale.

Kapatoes uses metaphor adeptly, likening the evolution of human consciousness and spiritual development to a waterfall, for example, however, the inclusion of her banal and cliché-ridden poetry was a mistake.  Lines like  “And can you feel this dear?/ The touch between our hands/ The divine energy of our exquisite dance,” take the reader out of the moment and detract from the seriousness of the message. She is much better off sticking to prose.

A Spiritual Journey is the insightful story of one woman’s enlightenment that will resonate with anyone who has experienced transcendence, and for those who haven’t, it may provide a road-map to get there.

~Lisa Butts for IndieReader

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