BE YOUR SPIRIT: A Guide to Health and Happiness Based on the Yoga Sutras

by Randy Niederman Ph.D, M. S. W.

Verdict: Niederman has made us the beneficiaries of his years of study, exploration, introspection, suffering, and trial and error; the result is centuries of profound spiritual teachings— all in a nutshell.

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BE YOUR SPIRIT isn’t the final destination. Rather, it’s a kind of guidebook to a territory well worth exploring, namely the world of spiritual awakening, ultimately the one world most worthy of your exploration.

Author Randy Niederman begins by explaining the reality of things like spirit, ego, consciousness and the importance of an intimate relationship with your true self. The book provides guidance so that the readers can live a more whole, balanced, meaningful, happy life. It’s amazing how much information Niederman manages to squeeze into this slim volume, while remaining clear, direct, and remarkably concise. His explanations of spiritual problems and their solutions are thorough, leaving nothing to guesswork.

BE YOUR SPIRIT, the book’s title, refers to the Hindu Yoga Sutras, a canonical group of aphorisms compiled around 400 CE. Following these sutras is the solution readers will find in the latter half of the book.BE YOUR SPIRIT also makes reference to the major religions, as well as to the most relevant findings in the field of psychology. Niederman sometimes refers to his experiences working with people with addictions or psychological challenges, and has included methods that have helped his patients.

Niederman writes from his own experience of personal suffering and confusion, and this is perhaps why the reader finds it so easy to identify with what he’s saying–so quickly does it resonate with the universal experience. Some of the best advice the author gives is to exhort us to cultivate unconditional happiness— the kind of happiness that simply decides to be content and to see the world, as much as possible, as a good place to be.

BE YOUR SPIRIT is a clear, straightforward guidebook for “the other side” and a wonderful set of mileposts for the spiritual seeker.

~Wanda Waterman for IndieReader

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