Love, murder, betrayal, thieves, Russians, Colombians and the FBI in: IMPALA

by Andrew Diamond

Verdict: IMPALA is a fast-paced, page-turning, relentless story from start to finish that ignites instantly with an e-mail of a picture as the fun begins.

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IR Rating

What does it mean to live a “good” life and is that life worth living for all people? When IMPALA opens, Russell Fitzpatrick is a respectable computer programmer who used to be a very good and righteous hacker. But he is also an impostor living a lie, whose past all too quickly pulls him back in as his life takes a series of unforeseen turns with each page.

Circumstances force decent people to do things they would not do naturally; survival being one and love being another. This is just one of the many riddles that face protagonist and narrator, Russ. Broken people are generally cautious as a rule, especially when that pain is the result of heartbreak, betrayal and loss. People don’t come more broken than Russ, who has suffered his fair share in life. Yet, when the opportunity presents itself to once again take that leap of faith in affairs of the heart, he does not hesitate. Is it because people just crave a deeper human connection with others, or is it something else?

No good suspense thriller would be worth its weight if it does not have characters in which to relate and empathize. Diamond gives readers two, as IMPALA emotionally, mentally and physically wears down its main character and new partner, Cali. Both are engaging characters who are easy to invest in emotionally, especially as events quickly spiral out of their control.

Predictability can be the death knell for any mystery story, and Diamond’s relentless portrayal of events and easy to understand hacker’s lives gives IMPALA more than its fair share of surprises. And just when things finally seem to be in the characters control and a predictable path appears to be unfolding, Diamond throws in another twist and turn, never allowing the characters to truly catch their breath.

Nothing is what it seems and yet it is in IMPALA, as Diamond takes his characters on an adrenaline pounding, never-ending adventure at a break-neck pace. However, is Russ embracing his inner deviant when all is said and done or is he running from his life? One thing is for sure, nothing will be the same for the protagonist by story’s end.

IMPALA is a fast-paced, page-turning, relentless story from start to finish that ignites instantly with an e-mail of a picture as the fun begins.


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