A solar storm threatens civilization in: ELECTRICITY

by Robert Lovinger

Verdict: ELECTRICITY is a thoughtful, heartwarming look at human relationships and reactions in the face of disaster and new discovery.

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IR Rating

An increase in solar flare activity, culminating in a massive solar storm, threatens life and civilization as we know it.

Charlie Swift is chief of staff for a politician who also happens to be a close friend of his – but when he is troubled by ethical concerns, he finds himself wavering in his career choice. Just then, he gets the opportunity to take his father, a man always enthralled by the potential and power of electricity, on a tour to see the Southern Lights – and comes home with the opportunity to run similar tours in the North. But that golden opportunity puts him in the right place at the right time to find that the auroras, and the Sun itself, are becoming vastly more active, sending more and more solar storms our way – and then, the auroras begin singing. Can anyone on Earth figure out what is going on, and will the human race be able to survive the strongest solar storm of all?

ELECTRICITY is a fascinating philosophical look at human reactions to an unavoidable, unpreventable disaster. The author pays substantial attention to both character development and realism, creating likable, interesting, believable human beings who react in believably-human fashion to unpredictable situations. The questions he raises are thought-provoking and worthy of exploration, and the situations he presents are disturbingly plausible. However, the plot is relatively passive –  mostly a detailed account of waiting for the inevitable, with the main characters unable to really take any effective action.  Occasionally, intriguing plot sub-stories, like the corruption case that sparks Charlie’s new career move, or the sudden religious conversion of one character, start but doesn’t develop enough to have a major impact on the story. The book ends just at the most suspenseful part, which is at once frustrating and a fantastic cliffhanger and beginning to a sequel – if one is planned.

ELECTRICITY is a thoughtful, heartwarming look at human relationships and reactions in the face of disaster and new discovery.


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