One woman’s amorous journey turns into a life of motherhood in: BABY GIRL

by Bette Lee Crosby

Verdict: Filled with hope and the enduring love that comes from motherhood, BABY GIRL is a refreshing addition to "chick" literature.

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IR Rating

A whirlwind romance turns into life-changing decisions with the onset of an unplanned pregnancy.

Cheryl Ferguson is unaware that her life will spiral in a different direction beginning with her first love, Ryan. An unplanned pregnancy forces Cheryl to give up her baby for adoption. Divorce follows, as well as other lovers, more broken relationship, and surprisingly more children. A single mother with two young children to care for, Cheryl finds solace when she gets together with Ophelia Brown, the owner of the apothecary “in the front of Memory House Bed and Breakfast on Haber Street.” Amid all of her trials and tribulations on top of never forgetting her first born—Baby Girl, Cheryl is once again unaware that more events will unfold in her life, especially when Ophelia introduces her to William.

Crosby’s fourth book in the Memory House Series is based on a true story. Written in the flavor of Harper Lee’s inimitable memoir-like books, To Kill a Mockingbird and Go Set a Watchman, Crosby’s first person narrative grabs the attention of female readers from the get go. Key to Crosby’s writing style is the way she incorporates themes that resonate with many women, which is prominent throughout her series. In the case of BABY GIRL, Crosby zeroes in on the upheavals that often accompany strained relationships and the power of a mother’s love to navigate through those murky situations. Crosby keeps to a steady chronological pace, weaving in unexpected scenes along the way and plenty of drama. Most importantly because this is based on a true story, Crosby’s plot provides readers a chance to see that positive change is possible in one’s life just by observing Cheryl’s determined baby-step-at-a-time growth.

Filled with hope and the enduring love that comes from motherhood, BABY GIRL is a refreshing addition to Chick literature.


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