by Tyne Traverson

Verdict: EXPLORING YOUR UNPLANNED PREGNANCY offers a wide variety of helpful resources for women seeking guidance in making life-changing, long-term choices.

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IR Rating

Options for many various means of resolving a pregnancy are examined in this small, readable self-help book.

EXPLORING YOUR UNPLANNED PREGNANCY presents as a sincere and concerned offering of practical guidelines combined with an opportunity for women who find themselves in the situation to examine their personal philosophy and lifestyle expectations. It embarks with a straightforward question: “If you learned that your first pregnancy test was incorrect and the more accurate repeat test showed you were not pregnant, how would you feel?” The three generally accepted choices for women who are pregnant are adoption, abortion, and single motherhood (though it could be argued that “motherhood” might be the more appropriate term, since the book addresses the dilemma of a woman whose husband is not the father of the baby). Each of these alternatives is explored in some detail, providing “basic questions” in an early set of chapters, followed by chapters providing “resources” and an appendix with “supplementary questions.” Mild, unspecific religious ideas and feelings are given a fair hearing (“If you believe God cares about you, be mindful of that”) along with factual, practical guidance (“An abortion is quick compared to a nine-month pregnancy”; “If you wait too long to learn the legal issues related to adoption…your other options will be more limited”). Resources on offer include contact information for suicide hotlines, emotional support after an abortion, contraception, adoption law, adoption scams, maternity homes, health insurance, government benefits, and single parent support groups.

In a time and in a nation in which adoption, single parenthood and especially abortion are hot-button, highly politicized issues, EXPLORING YOUR UNPLANNED PREGNANCY stands out as a resource for women in a trying situation requiring assistance to make decisions that can affect them for the rest of their lives. For this reason, the book will certainly be appreciated. The one proviso, however, is that the author is writing under a pseudonym by his or her admission. Though the possible reasons for this chosen anonymity may seem sensible to some readers, others may wonder if the author does in fact have a subtle, if carefully concealed, bias.

EXPLORING YOUR UNPLANNED PREGNANCY offers a wide variety of helpful resources for women seeking guidance in making life-changing, long-term choices.


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