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Copyright: What Every Author Needs to Know

Copyright: What Every Author Needs to Know

By Helen Sedwick on BookWorks (5/24/16) – Many writers assume their biggest risk is getting sued for defamation.  Not so.  Every year hundreds of thousands of books are published, but they trigger only a handful of defamation suits.  But tens of thousands of writers will have signed away their copyright without knowing it.

Over the next few posts, I will help writers understand what they own and how to share their work without losing their rights.  Words are our stock-in-trade, our intellectual property.  With a little understanding, writers will be better prepared to protect that property just like they protect their cars and their homes.

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5 Ways Independent Authors Can Advocate for Themselves

By Brooke Warner in The Huffington Post (6/10/16) – Earlier this month I moderated a panel at the Bay Area Book Festival called “The Future of Book Publishing.” We had an esteemed group of panelists from all areas of the industry, with Jack Jensen, publisher of Chronicle Books as the traditional figurehead, and Mark Coker of Smashwords representing the self-publishing contingent.

A question surfaced from the audience: Do some people avoid self-publishing because they don’t qualify for awards?

Jensen was the first to respond, telling the earnest woman that anyone can submit to contests — just submit. I almost felt bad to have to inform him of his industry’s bias — that no, you can’t just submit, and that countless awards programs bar self-published authors (and any author, in fact, who’s invested in their own work) from entering.”

If you’re a regular visitor to IndieReader, you probably know that we created the Discovery Awards specifically for self-pubbed authors who aren’t yet welcome to submit their work elsewhere.  So what are you waiting for? Sign-up are now open for 2017.

Indie Author’s Book Now a Romantic Comedy

Stephanie Bond and her most popular romance novel, Stop the Wedding, which “walks down the aisle” this Saturday, June 18th at 7pm ET on the Hallmark Channel. The movie is part of the network’s June Weddings movie marathon. The film is a romantic comedy starring Rachel Boston (“The Witches of East End,” “In Plain Sight”), Alan Thicke (“Growing Pains”), and Teryl Rothery (“Cedar Cove”).

Bond, who has sold more than a million books and novellas, is thrilled to see her beloved characters come to life on film.  Equally gratifying for the award-winning author, Stop the Wedding is also the very first indie-published book that Hallmark Channel has adapted for its programming. Bond is creating a special movie tie-in version of the novel with a cover featuring a vibrant image from the film, which will be available shortly. And the popular book is currently available exclusively on Amazon through mid-August.

The List Where Indies Count

If you’re a regular IndieReader, then you’re familiar with our bestseller list, compiled on Sunday for Monday’s post, culled from The New York Times, USA Today and Amazon. Looking for something to great to read this weekend? Look no further than this week’s list.

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