A mysterious blog reveals freshman secrets in: EDGE THE BARE GARDEN

by Rosanne Cheng

Verdict: Ending on a note of hope, EDGE THE BARE GARDEN is an incredibly poignant read that meets wide audience appeal.

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IR Rating

An outcast freshman’s attempt for revenge makes waves when she posts sensitive student information on her blog.

Agnes has been labeled an outcast since second grade. Although she uses an opportunity to share a scathing poem during an 8th grade talent show, the students at West Edge High aren’t prepared for Agnes’ finest act:  posting sensitive student information. The posts are pointed, hitting the student’s core exactly the way she plans. The interesting part is that no one has a clue that Agnes is the cyber culprit, which leaves the school administrators and teachers frenzied. A nameless student manages to put two-and-two together, but since she’s always been one for not making waves, she has to decide whether or not she’ll squeal on Agnes, and if so what procedure to follow.

Roseanne Cheng pens a stunning and provocative tale in her latest novel. The second book in the Teachable Lit series—”devoted to ‘teachable’ books and reviews” for youth—Cheng’s plot features an unidentified yet dynamic narrator who is slowly discovering things about herself and her family amid all the Internet turbulence and later when one student suddenly disappears. Designed to appear as though the storyteller is reflecting on memories from her school days, Cheng’s first person narrative highlights the mindset of teens that are so focused on their cliques they can’t see beyond themselves to reach out to others, namely Agnes. Cheng keeps her plot flowing by filling her chapters with plenty of unexpected scenes, moving situational moments where teachers try to reach out to the students in helping them better understand personal responsibility and build compassion for others, and then closing with cliffhangers.

Ending on a note of hope, EDGE THE BARE GARDEN is an incredibly poignant read that meets wide audience appeal.


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