A plethora of techniques to optimize learning are revealed in: THE MANUAL: A Guide to the Ultimate Study Method (USM)

by Rod Bremer

Verdict: Filled with versatile techniques geared to optimize maximum results, THE ULTIMATE STUDY METHOD is an indispensable guide for serious students and the enthusiastic life learner.

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IR Rating

A wide range of methods to optimize learning in different fields are revealed in this detailed and highly organized guide.

Bremer has compiled numerous learning techniques – each designed to optimize one of five areas: concentration, super memory, speed reading, note taking, and rapid mental arithmetic. Each of the five parts provides a detailed explanation of the methods that will, if mastered by following the detailed training plan, optimize that focus of learning. The methods are combined to create the USM – Ultimate Study Method.

This guide is a wealth of techniques based on scientific and anecdotal research that comes from fundamental and adaptations to several fundamental learning tips and techniques. The learning techniques presented are designed for equally diverse applications – for example creating unique identifiers for numbers assists with problems involving numbers. Bremer practices what he preaches, implementing the methods he presents. Revision, for example, is a key aspect of learning and is incorporated into the organization of the book – with information appearing repeatedly in summary form through the book.

With the amount of information presented, it almost feels like a catch-22 where the methods taught are the ones needed to learn and retain the information. Some might think it more work to create and remember the unique identifiers rather than the actual numbers and letters themselves. But, the author’s tone is encouraging. He clearly states in the beginning of the book that the techniques themselves need regular practice in order to master and achieve desired effects. Bremer believes that motivation and goals are what determines time and success. To assist in the mastering of the techniques, Bremer provides a training plan and schedule that incorporates not only the revision concept, but actionable steps include the skill learning into one’s life. For example, to assist with speed reading, Bremer suggests developing a book-a week-habit and using the layered reading technique.

Filled with versatile techniques geared to optimize maximum results, The Ultimate Study Method is an indispensable guide for serious students and the enthusiastic life learner.



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