SUCCESS THROUGH SUPER SYSTEMS: A single dynamic to steer you through your life’s decisions

by Muthuswamy N

Verdict: SUCCESS THROUGH SUPER SYSTEMS includes a unique theory about the key to success in life and business, but the arguments are confusing and the writing style poor.

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IR Rating

Written by a veteran management consultant, SUCCESS THROUGH SUPER SYSTEMS sets out to explain how having a clear understanding of the systems in which we take part “can help us to be effective in whatever role we play in our lives.”

The author begins by examining: “What IS success?” He then goes on to explain his intricate “Super Systems” concept, and the various systems in which every human participates. According to the author’s theory, “the whole universe is made up of pairs of opposites,” and comprehending both pairs at the same time is a difficult task. In his most cogent analogy, the author likens the human body to a vehicle consisting of two opposite forces, and the mind to the driver: the mind cannot drive a vehicle comprehending only the brake or only the accelerator. This holistic theory of human experience is further explained through numerous examples. Because the author is Indian, most of the examples are drawn from Indian politics, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Mahabharata (even devoting a whole chapter to assigning a super system to each character within this text).

The book appears to be aimed at businesspeople but does include sections on how to apply the theories to family life. The sections on family life do assume one has a traditional Indian family dynamic, however. Each chapter ends with a fairly long summary (so a 12-page chapter may have a 3-page summary), which partially explains the length of the book.

The author clearly cares deeply for his subject matter and his writing style is friendly and engaging. Unfortunately, the grammar is very poor, and sentences like the following are frequent: “Somewhere in 1950’s, a famous international brand health drink hypothesized that the company may not know but the actual users of the brand may know the real reasons as to why they drink the brand that is the company premised that the company cannot see but its customers, the Super System, can see.” The point of the book is also not clearly explained, nor does it speak to a target audience, and the nearly-600-page book feels unwieldy and vague.

SUCCESS THROUGH SUPER SYSTEMS includes a unique theory about the key to success in life and business.


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