How to solve problems and achieve your goals in: HOW TO DO THE IMPOSSIBLE AND A WHOLE LOT MORE

by Stan Reynolds

Verdict: HOW TO DO THE IMPOSSIBLE introduces the reader to the “Logic Die” and offers some wise and sensible advice on achieving goals.

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IR Rating

Reynolds touts the use of his “Logic Die” to help in problem-solving and life improvement.

This book centers around the use of a “Logic Die,” a small gold die with some alterations to the standard die shape, as a mnemonic device to help its user systematize the process of problem-solving and goal achievement. Reynolds suggests associating each of the sides, as well as the “pivot points” and sides between them, with a task such as “focus”, “do your best”, “consider both sides,” or “seek wise advice.” By doing so, and by carefully writing down and detailing each step needed to accomplish one’s goals, Reynolds argues that a person can quickly and easily change seemingly impossible tasks into readily achievable goals.

HOW TO DO THE IMPOSSIBLE offers some sound advice, including organizational techniques to help sort out planning, structure thoughts and actions, and help make difficult goals achievable. There’s nothing in it that relies on magic or wishful thinking, and it could certainly be of real use to readers who need help getting started or setting out the steps needed to get to their dreams. However, the book reads like an advertisement, peppered with testimonials and full of visual excess. Techniques that work well for a motivational speaker in person do not necessarily translate well to the written page.  Multiple fonts, colors, type sizes, and styles – at least five in one paragraph – and excessive use of multiple exclamation points, pictures, text boxes, and other visually stimulating tools exhaust the eye, making it harder to pick out the book’s actual information. Except for the die, there isn’t much in here that’s new or different, and the advertisement-style writing makes that feel more like a gimmick and harder to take seriously.   Any of the useful advice would be easier to reach if the book were simplified visually and toned down substantially.

HOW TO DO THE IMPOSSIBLE introduces the reader to the “Logic Die” and offers some wise and sensible advice on achieving goals.


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