Disturbing and weird; unflinchingly grim at every turn, TWISTED REUNION shocks and even charms.

by Mark Tullius

Verdict: TWISTED REUNION’s gore and gross-out horror and macabre sensibilities ensure there is hardly ever a dull moment.

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IR Rating

This is a collection of sordid little short stories, where nothing is quite as it seems and people tend to meet rather grisly ends.

A series of gory, disturbing, upsetting and outright gruesome tales, full of twisted imagination and weird plot twists, the stories include one family’s violent Christmas rituals, group therapy for executioners, a dictator getting supernatural comeuppance, and a dark, evil book that warns of your impending death.

Tullius’ TWISTED REUNION has a rather old-school horror sensibility: gore, violence, weird and dark sides of human nature and an abiding sensibility that the reader should expect the unexpected. If this book were a film, it would be a low-budget, neo-grindhouse affair, meant to make the audience wonder if this is a snuff film (in a good way, mostly.) This is the kind of tome that offers passages such as, “a chunk of meat tears free from his leg.” The book’s very confrontational and hardcore approach is definitely not for everyone – probably more appealing to fans of, say, Texas Chainsaw Massacre than lovers of Lovecraft for instance – but it wins over in its unflinching depictions of pure evil and its ability to convey violent dysfunctions in human relationships. Its unreliable narrators and smarmy and unlikable protagonists are somehow incredibly endearing and even charming (in their own peculiar ways.)

TWISTED REUNION derives its horrors from its ability to shock, and in most stories, this works remarkably well. “Woodshop After Math,” for instance, presents a cool little twist on the classic Carrie-type story, while “Shades of Death” is a much gorier latter-day “Pit and the Pendulum.” There are a few stories where this doesn’t pay off so well, though, such as a rather forgettable story about a killer baby.

TWISTED REUNION’s gore and gross-out horror and macabre sensibilities ensure there is hardly ever a dull moment.


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