Happy Birthday Scribd!


Scribd’s e-book subscription service celebrates its first birthday next month.  It’s been a year of tremendous growth and noteworthy changes.  To mark the momentous occasion, Scribed has created an infographic to highlight the major milestones and trends. Scribd currently offers 500,000 titles on its website, up from 400,000 in May.  In August, Scribd announced a new e-book discovery system which includes a selection of titles curated by IndieReader. IndieReader is proud to contribute to Scribd’s success and wishes Scribd a happy, literary birthday.


Some IndieReaders will now be able to walk into Barnes & Noble and print a physical copy of a hard-to-find (out-of-stock) book or a title in the public domain, thanks to an Espresso Book Machine.  The EBM even facilitates self-publishing by creating a bookstore-quality paperback from print-ready PDF files of the cover and the interior pages.   To gauge customer interest, B & N has installed these EBMs as a pilot program in three northeast U.S. locations:  Willow Grove, Pa., Paramus, N.J., and the flagship store at Union Square in New York City.


Seven-year-old Terry Miles of Muncie, Ind., was tired of hearing gunshots in his neighborhood, so he asked his mayor to please make them stop. His letter ran in the local newspaper, The Star Press, and inspired Miles to fight violence by writing a book, The Shot Heard Around the Town: A Story About How One Boy Can Change the World.  Brittany Cain, a student at Ball State University, is helping Miles self-publish the e-book through Kids at Heart Publishing.  Miles is currently seeking donations to help fund the project.  Interested IndieReaders can donate to Huffer Memorial Children’s Center on his behalf.


IndieReaders have a lot of choice when it comes to e-readers, and when each e-reader promises to deliver the best reading experience, it can be difficult to choose the One.  IndieReader is happy to serve as a conduit of information.  If you’re thinking of upgrading to the newly released Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook, you’ll want to factor in this list of pros and cons.  If you’re interested in pre-ordering the Kobo Aura H2O, here’s how it compares to the Kindle Paperwhite 2 and the original Kobo Aura. If the sleek Microsoft Surface Pro 3 ads pique your interest, here’s another opinion on how it compares against the Apple iPad Air.  To further complicate matters, Pocketbook is planning to debut new e-readers and new tablets as well.  Choice is good, right?


Florida Polytechnic University is the first university to open an all e-book library.   Out, out, damned dust!   There’s not a physical book in sight. The on-campus library is entirely digital. The inaugural class of 500 students can borrow from over 135,000 e-books and digital textbooks.  If students crave print, they can access hard copy through the state university’s inter-library loan program.  The new university specializes in science, technology, engineering and mathematics – the so-called STEM fields.


Last, but certainly not least, Tim Knox interviewed IndieReader founder, Amy Edelman, on his podcast Interviewing Authors.   In this podcast, formerly available through iTunes (now free for the listening), Amy discusses how she connects Indie Authors with Indie Readers.  Please enjoy.

And remember, if you have questions, please join us @LitChat, Monday, October 6th, at 4-5 PM Eastern Time, for what promises to be a scintillating conversation.

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    Poorer Richard says:

    Glad to see B&N install a POD machine in NYC. This is a technology that’s going to need a lot of testing, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will eventually help keep B&M bookstores alive. I think it would be much too pricey for most indie booksellers to buy outright, but if it were a kiosk-based, in-store licensed operation, it could spread. Maybe my titles would be available through this technology — think the redbox video machines.

    Re: new readers. The day that a recognized operator issues a new non-proprietary reader that can handle all formats equally, will be the beginning of the new age! I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


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