Show Us Your Shelfie


This contest was made for Indie Readers.  Half Price Books wants you to show off your bookshelf with or without a self-portrait.  Hence, the #MeMyShelfandI photo contest.  You can submit your #shelfies on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  For more details, click here.  The contest runs through August 4, 2014.  You could win a $100 Half Price Books gift card and be featured in a blog.   More books, more pleasure.  Someone has to win, why not an Indie Reader?


The Amazon-Hachette feud is dragging on like the Hundred Years War.  Amazon proposes, Hachette rejects.  Petitions circulate.  There’s been so much debate and speculation revolving around who is (more) right, who is (more) wrong.  Which side is more Indie-friendly?   And who is hurting more financially – Amazon or Hachette (Lagardère)?  According to new figures from The Codex Group, 7.5 percent of book buyers are buying less from Amazon, and 1.4 percent are buying more.  The research was based on a sample size of 53,000 readers.

This just in: Amazon lost $126 million, up from a $7 million loss in the period last year, on revenues of $19.3 billion, up 23.2 percent.


Amazon keeps making it easier for you to buy, buy, buy.  You can use a #hashtag on Twitter to add to your Amazon cart.  Soon you may be able to click on the “Buy It Now” button on Facebook, and like magic, a pop-up will appear asking for payment and shipping confirmation.  Amazon is testing out this new button with select small businesses to evaluate if and when it will make this new feature widely available.


Sooner or later, we all have to go. Mother Nature calls. There must be a reason every bathroom is stocked with reading material.  Some truths are self-evident, like the line to the women’s room will always be longer than the line to the men’s.  Some folks take so long, you wonder if they are giving birth to aliens in there.  We’ve all been there, making toilet humor, embarrassing as it might be, universal. It makes us laugh even as we squirm.  So, Reader’s Edge decided to venture into the bathroom to find out what people are actually doing in there.  Reading, texting, shopping, surfing – what?  Now you know, thanks to this infographic.


The New Yorker is offering free digital access to its entire magazine all summer long.  The freebie comes as The New Yorker redesigns its website and experiments with new content.  The site publishes 15 new stories a day, and plans to increase that number.  Of course, some of us love the magazine for its cartoons.   Either way, The New Yorker invites you to be a part of the New New Yorker.


If you tweet, you know there are a gazillion tweets out there. Some tweets make you laugh, while others make you question humanity.  If you’re tired of #onetweetstands, and want to join a literary community, Salon has just published what it considers the best literary hashtags floating about in the Twittersphere.  Don’t like what you see?  Feel free to start your own literary hashtag. But be sure to follow us @IndieReader and @irpubservices where we’ll always hook you up.


Ah, the wonders of technology.  A digital Mozart e-book was released just in time for the Mostly Mozart Festival that begins today, but what’s grabbing headlines is that this e-book looks and acts more like an app.  You’ll find audio, video clips, chapters, commentary, illustrations and more jam-packed in what would print out to approximately 430 pages.  This hybrid e-book/app is part of a growing trend where new e-books take full advantage of the multimedia capabilities of computers, smartphones and tablets, and combine them into one.