The Map

by Boni Lonnsburry

Verdict: THE MAP is a useful guide for anyone interested in putting the effort forth to create a life they love.

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IR Rating

A manual for achieving the life you’ve always wanted through the mindful act of conscious creation.

Author Boni Lonnsburry is on a mission to share lessons learned from her years of struggle; namely, how to “live a life you love”.  Once bankrupt, divorced and living out of her car Lonnsburry since learned the art of consciously creating her own reality and now enjoys wealth, love, health, reconnection with her children and happiness.  THE MAP is a passionate attempt to let others in on her discoveries so that they can avoid many of the hurdles she encountered on her own path to happiness. Asserting that we can, and do, create the world around ourselves; and once we recognize this fact, we can feel empowered to consciously direct our realities in whatever direction we desire. This guide details steps towards understanding the concepts behind conscious creation, asserting your desires and intended life direction, discovering what your ideal life looks like, as well as addressing possible pitfalls and methods for avoiding them. The author gains more credibility as she addresses every question or concern that would arise throughout this process of life transformation such as: ‘What if I don’t know what I want my life to look like?’ ‘Why has my dream of wealth been met with more financial struggle?’ ‘How do I learn to believe that I can create my own reality?’ The book goes as far as to lay out sample scripts for telling the universe what you may want, even when you’re not quite sure.

Although overly eager at times, with far more adjectives and exclamation points than needed, and a bit distracting with the varied references to god/goddess/inner self/deity/etc despite it’s attempt to be all-inclusive, THE MAP delivers what it intends to and the author truly seems to have a mission to share her insight as noted in her blog, twitter feed, and Facebook profile which also serve to deliver this message on the happiness one can create in life.

THE MAP is a useful guide for anyone interested in putting the effort forth to create a life they love.

Reviewed by Anniliese Sauder for IndieReader

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