The Shifter’s Trail

by Adam Alexander

Verdict: THE SHIFTER'S TRAIL is a remarkable and engaging children's adventure story.

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IR Rating

Imagination is the key to any successful children’s adventure story. THE SHIFTER’S TRAIL is the richly imaginative chronicle of the unusually difficult travails of Andromeda and her two closest friends. After an alien spaceship spectacularly crash lands just outside of Chicago, the creative and irrepressible Andromeda goes sailing with her parents and her two close friends on a vessel named “Schrodinger’s Cat.” Much like the theoretical animal which it is named after, the sea vessel soon puts its four of its five occupants in a state that can be described as neither being alive nor dead. Andromeda realizes that while they appear to be in a hospital, they are in fact, being cared for by toad-like aliens. These aliens have political problems of their own, which can only be solved with the help of Andromeda and her friends. Adventure–and not a little hilarity–ensues.

Like the Harry Potter series or even Great Expectations, Andromeda finds herself thrust into a somewhat advanced role for her age, not only in terms of her supernatural skill-set, but her emotional awareness. Andromeda’s abilities to understand a rapidly shifting and confusing world, whether it is the insistence of the Coast Guard that a little girl couldn’t have survived in freezing water for ninety minutes let alone three days, or her ability to grasp that a weird looking pink car is the alien equivalent of a “Pink Cadillac,” makes the book compelling for both adults and children. The unusual world in which Andromeda traverses is original, even if the tropes of the coming-of-age tale are not. The prose is lively, the supporting characters are memorable, and the pacing is superb for an adventure tale of this kind.

THE SHIFTER’S TRAIL is a remarkable and engaging children’s adventure story.

Reviewed by Julia Lai for IndieReader.

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