Through the Eyes of the Horse

by Carlos Tabernaberri

Verdict: THROUGH THE EYES OF THE HORSE is much than an instructional manual on how to effectively work with horses. It is a grounded philosophy that will evoke internal change and mindfulness in the reader.

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Author Carlos Tabernaberri is an Australian-based trainer who grew up in Argentina. As a fourth generation in a family of horse trainers, Tabernaberri witnessed the ‘”traditional” way of “breaking in” horses that saddened him. THROUGH THE EYES OF THE HORSE: FINDING COMMON GROUND  is Tabernaberri’s solution for a gentle and understanding approach to working with horses, which not only offers practical steps on training horses, but also encompasses lessons in mindfulness for the trainer.

Tabernaberri’s training philosophy and attitude with horses immediately conveys warmth, patience and profound respect for the horse. Tabernaberri’s work with horses is based principally on a formula that a trainer’s confidence, consistency, kindness and leadership with a horse are vital in gaining a horses’s trust, obedience and respect for its trainer. While he recognizes that certain breeds have certain traits, Tabernaberri has an extremely humane attitude toward his horses, which assumes horses are individuals and learn in different ways. And he advocates looking for an approach to working with the horse that make sense, rather than simply following tradition or someone else’s instruction.  Tabernaberri’s understanding also extends to trainers. He advocates that they identify their own tentativeness and surround themselves with people who are positive and encouraging so trainers can temper their own impatience, aggression and stress.

The narrative is not only instructional but encourages a calm and positive messages to training (both the trainer and the horse), such as “don’t worry or get frustrated – just start again,” or “establish a foundation of calmness.” The Practical and supportive tips like, “set the horse up for success,” by setting small goals be calm; and “be in the present – like your horse” are complemented by the interactive features of the book. These include high-resolution, quality close-up photographs of horses’ as well as extensive photographs and clear, videos that offer clear sound and show Tabernaberri and his horses offering step-by-step guidance for various training techniques. Each page offers a different layout and visually appealing font and colors for special bonus informational sections.

While THROUGH THE EYES OF THE HORSE offers detailed instruction on areas such as understanding your horse, how a horse learns, and tools used that are targeted to beginning horsemen and women; more experienced horse trainers may find much value to Tabernaberri’s positive and grounded attitude that is so civilized and intuitive that it could put some human training programs to shame.

THROUGH THE EYES OF THE HORSE is much than an instructional manual on how to effectively work with horses. It is a grounded philosophy that will evoke internal change and mindfulness in the reader.

Reviewed by Maya Fleischmann for IndieReader

This review was based on the iTunes Interactive book.


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