The Air Singer

by K. Huber


IR Rating



IR Rating

Tally is a normal young adult, living a normal life. She has a day job as a tarot card reader, tapping into her natural, intuitive abilities. She has cheating boyfriend problems and attends open mic nights with her best friend, Kate, to hone her musical abilities. Her quiet, unassuming life takes a drastic turn when she’s bowled over, literally, by an errant dust storm that marks her as an Air Singer, and which heightens her inherent talents. Protected by Roland Stokes, her paladin, her protector from the Spina who want to kill her, she must learn to harness her gifts while falling in love with Roland and keeping those who would harm her at bay.

Author K. Huber’s THE AIR SINGER is a delight. While there is little about the novel that is groundbreaking in terms of YA/Paranormal Romance storyline, the writing is generally eloquent and smooth, making for a quick page-turner. The tale Huber tells is well-paced, and she seamlessly weaves backstory through the narrative, leaving nothing neglected or unanswered. The budding romance between Tally and Roland is believable without dragging on too long, being overly graphic, or overwhelming the personal journey part of the story. Huber does a great balancing act between the two, and it’s easy to not only root for the two lovers, but also enjoy watching Tally navigate both her romantic life and the discovery of both who and what she is. Well-developed characters play their respective roles in precisely the manner they should, and easy to become emotionally invested in their adventures; there will be both chuckles and tears and a lot of reactions in between.

Aside from a very few minor technical matters, THE AIR SINGER is solid, and fans of both Young Adult and Paranormal Romance will devour it and look forward to the next installment.

Reviewed for IndieReader by K.J. Pierce

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