Groupees: Your One Stop Shop For All Independent Art

If you want to discover the next big things in music, games, comics, film and more check out, your destination for all kinds of independent entertainment. I got the chance to talk to site representative Christian Blunda about Groupees and how it helps independent artists.

SU: What is Groupees?

CB: Groupees is a platform for curated bundle sales on digital music, games, comics, ebooks, film and more. Our concept is to transform the digital download into a fun, social experience.

SU: How does Groupees Work?

CB: We run short-term bundle sales where people can typically name their price on cool content and unlock bonuses and win prizes along the way. It’s a fun way to learn about new bands, games, and titles, and most campaigns involve support to a charity we believe in.

SU: How does this product help independent comics?

CB: We’re somewhat new to the indie comics game, but our concept is to discover cool new content, support independent content creators, while supporting charity and having fun.  For publishers and independent creators, getting a title in one of our bundles is a way to reach new audiences worldwide.

SU: Besides independent comics what other projects do you support on there?

CB: Right now, for instance, you can check out a Video Game Music bundle, an all-comics bundle, and an all-Scandinavian video game, music, and comic bundle.  Kind of something for everyone 🙂

IR:  Where did the idea come from and how did you get it up and running?

CB: We’re a small team based in Portland, OR but with people in New Jersey, Holland, and Ukraine as well. Early on, we recognized that the experience of paying for a digital download and pirating the same content was basically the same – you click a button, and download what you wanted.  We thought that to be not compelling enough of an experience to end piracy and build a platform that adds social elements like a group chat, unlocking fun bonuses, and unique prizes for the highest contributors.  We hope what we’ve built is a more exciting experience for discovering, sharing, and buying new comics, games, and music.

SU: What is your ultimate goal for your company?

CB: To provide a place where all kinds of independent artists can offer their goods in a fun and unique way, without the need for traditional distribution systems.

SU: What are some of your favorite projects on Groupee?

CB: I’m the Music Director, so that’s the area I’m most interested in. We’ve run a series of Chiptune Music + Charity campaigns that tend to be my favorites. Here is the most recent one (expect another soon!) :

SU: How can people get their work on there?

CB: Get in touch with links to your work.

SU: Do you reach out to creators or do they reach out to you?

CB: A bit of both.

SU: Anything else you would like to add?

CB: We hope to engage the world of comics more and more this year. Everyone should feel free to get in touch with content, ideas, and feedback. Thanks!