The Social Executive

by Dionne Kasian-Lew

Verdict: THE SOCIAL EXECUTIVE is a persuasive and concise argument, and the author certainly makes a case regarding social media.

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IR Rating

THE SOCIAL EXECUTIVE is essentially a vigorous presentation, in short book form, aimed at convincing executives that they need to take advantage of social media opportunities now, or be reduced to irrelevancy. The book addresses misconceptions concerning social media (the idea that it’s all a fad, for example, or that it consists mainly of cute cat pictures and recipes), the growing importance of social media, and examples of how companies have successfully used social media to improve customer relations, grow sales, and retool products to meet demand.

The book is written in an energetic and forceful style. Since it is aimed at reaching executives with little time to read a more complicated or in-depth analysis, the writing is also short, concise, and clear. Though she backs up her arguments with data and examples, the author does not delve into too much detail in the actual text, leaving her writing refreshingly brisk and unclogged. However, she provides a great many links to external sources of information for those who want to follow a particular thought or track down a particular reference. The author is clearly quite enthusiastic about her topic, and has a substantial array of knowledge and research at her fingertips.

THE SOCIAL EXECUTIVE could use a substantial edit – in places it feels as though the author was too driven to make her case to bother with the occasional missing word or incomplete sentence. However, when making a case to people at the top of their respective hierarchies, it is vitally important to make sure every detail is correct. Occasionally, also, links lead to missing or obsolete pages – this is a characteristic of the fast-moving digital age, no doubt, but it is also one problem with using Internet links as references and backup information. Also, as a minor quibble, one that is strictly a matter of this reviewer’s personal opinion, the author’s picture at the end would look more forceful and authoritative if she were directly looking at the camera, rather than off to the side. It’s a subtle thing, but subtle appearances can matter a great deal, especially to people without much time to get past first impressions.

THE SOCIAL EXECUTIVE is a persuasive and concise argument, and the author certainly makes a case regarding social media.

Reviewed by Catherine Langrehr for IndieReader.

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