A to Zine: YOU

After getting a crash course in the world of zines, I ended up delving deeper and sent away for a few of my own. As an e-book developer and someone who made the switch to mostly digital reading a few years back, I forgot how great it feels to actually get something in the mail.

I got a whole package of zines, handpicked by The Sticky Institute and complete with a personalized postcard. One of my first zines was a July 2012 edition of YOU , a highly recommended anonymous zine from Australia.

StickyInstituteI get the feeling that each edition of YOU is different. This one was short, hand-written on one sheet of paper, front and back. And it was written as a letter, starting with “Dear You.”

The letter was very personal, and by the end I felt like I had made a connection with the zinester. I now know that he loves the song “50 Year Old Man” and that he once stole a board-room table. He’s also not afraid to be open and vulnerable, and someday I hope we can meet in person and have our own conversations about his life at age 21.

YOUIf you’re just starting to get into the zine world, definitely give YOU a try. It’s a fun, yet intimate, publication.

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