by William F. Brandt

Verdict: COMPASS offers a detailed and wholesome plan for creating an exceptional organization.

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This is a compass to an exceptional organization, based on organic principles and inspire and self-motivate.

Geared to an audience of organization leaders and consultants, Author William F. Brandt, Jr. has mapped the way to creating an organization that drives focus, motivation and success in a company.

COMPASS reveals principles that exceptional organizations are characterized by four key Elements: Purpose, Action, Culture and People. These elements are based on what Brandt calls Organizing Principles that focuses behavior toward goal of organization: The organizing Principle for purpose is inspiration, A vision-driven organization takes action achieve an end result that supports the entity purpose, A value based culture works towards the highest value of the society, while the organization principle for people is ensuring that the right person is in the job best suited to him/her. By creating and maintaining these principles, the members of the organization and their actions are internally driven and working toward a common focus and goal.

Brandt explains the principles and offers the methodology to move the organization towards this structure using comprehensive tools and techniques organized in easy to read and reference layout. A detailed subject index that offers topic listed to allow organizations/readers to self diagnose and move efficiently directly to source of problem/heart of the matter. Brandt’s corporate experience and business savvy are also showcased in his case study of American Woodmark, the company that was cofounded by Brandt, himself.

COMPASS inspires reflection, self-diagnosing and problem solving with a series of essays and lessons examining different aspects of business, while detailed analysis on the organization principles including and also includes case studies. Many of the essays and lessons offer cross referencing questions and links to maximize the comprehensiveness of this useful business tool, while the section entitled, “Questions for reflection” further stimulates thinking and hones beliefs, values and abilities towards creating an exceptional organization.

Brandt has developed a comprehensive resource that reveals how to improve organizations, by following a plan that fosters moral development of all company members  (from top to bottom levels) and gives value to all stakeholders by inspiring and motivated with an internalized sense of purpose and shared vision for the company. Brandt’s writing is clear and the tables and flow charts break down the principles and allow the plan to be customized to different organizations.

COMPASS offers a detailed and wholesome plan for creating an exceptional organization.

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