Angelboy Vol. 1

by Nicole Beguesse

Verdict: ANGELBOY is a beautifully illustrated Manga comic that delivers when it comes to plot, depth and anticipation.

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IR Rating

Cyrus Michael is a punkish teen who is murdered for no apparent reason. In death, he wants to live and manages to return to the world the living in a different town in a different form – he’s now “Angelboy” and he wants to redeem his worthless past.

In his former life, Angelboy was a coward, but now he’s courageous as he battles the devils of people’s minds. Angelboy manages to rescue a teen who was shot in a case of mistaken identity and he faces evil head-on.

The illustrations are superb — Nicole Beguesse is a gifted Manga artist and her artwork alone makes this book worth reading. They’re evocative and memorable and they work well with the compelling storyline, which has slightly Christian overtones. On the one hand, the story is simple enough — good versus evil; on the other hand, there’s enough plot depth, bloodshed and violence to make this a bit of a thriller – the reader never knows what will happen next.

ANGELBOY is hard to put down; fortunately, the pace is quick enough that the book can be read from cover to cover in less than an hour. There are enough surprises to hold the reader’s attention right to the end and the ending itself is a surprise.

The author promises there’ll be a second volume, which is a good thing, given that the story ends leaving the reading wanting to know more: Why was Cyrus murdered? Why did he come back as Angelboy? Will he always be an angel? Will he be able to see other angels? What does the future hold for Cyrus and the boy who murdered him? It’ll be interesting to see where Beguesse takes the story in Vol. 2, but in the meantime, Vol. 1 is definitely worth reading.

ANGELBOY is a beautifully illustrated Manga comic that delivers when it comes to plot, depth and anticipation.

Reviewed by Robin Carr for IndieReader. 

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