What Advantages Do Traditional Publishers Offer Authors?

Yesterday at the Digital Book World Conference + Expo, initial results of a joint author survey conducted by Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest were released.

“What Advantages Do Traditional Publishers Offer Authors: A Comparison of Traditional and Indie Publishing from the Authors’ Perspective” examines authors’ attitudes toward, experiences with, and outcomes from self-publishing and traditional publishing.

Nearly 10,000 authors responded to the survey and included aspiring authors who had not yet completed or in some cases even started manuscripts as well as seasoned authors with multiple traditionally published and/or self-published books.

The upshot? Most of the authors who responded–characterized as aspiring (not yet published), self-published (indie-only), traditionally published (traditional-only), and hybrid (both self-published and traditionally published)–“wanted to publish their next book with a traditional publisher, however, authors experiences with traditional publishing seemed to fall short of expectation, and authors were not overall highly satisfied with their experiences with traditional publishers.”

Read more at DBW and purchase the survey here.