RUN DMC’s Darryl McDaniels

Run DMC has broken tons of barriers in music. They are known for being one of the many pioneers of rap and their music still reaches the masses today. Run DMC member Darryl McDaniels is looking to branch out of his music-making ways and explore the comic book world with his new independent publisher “Darryl Makes Comics”.

I spoke to “Darryl Makes Comics” Editor-In-Chief, Edgardo Miranda Rodriguez about the forthcoming publisher and their first graphic novel DMC which is slated for a fall release.

IndieReader: Tell us about the “Darryl Makes Comics” label and the products you will be bringing to the masses?

Edgardo Miranda Rodriguez: Presently we are in full production of our first graphic novel.

IR: How did your company come about? What made you decide to start this up?

ER: Darryl DMC McDaniels has always had a passion of storytelling via the comic book genre. As a child into his early adolescence he was a fan of comic books. He read them, drew them and collected them until he sold his collection with his brother to buy two turntables and a microphone. Fast forward to 2011 he attended the Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia where he was invited as a celebrity guest. He opted not to partake in the autograph signing so he could walk the floor of the convention hall and truly experience comic book culture as it is today.

Two years later at a meeting with music executive Rigo Riggs Morales, the two went from talking about the career of a potential artist to talking about a shared love the two of them had, comic books. Riggs would later introduce me to DMC and I told him that in order to do it right, he needed to open his own company serving as its publisher. He later reached out to me and offered to make me a partner if I decided to help him produce his first graphic novel.

I became his Editor-in-Chief and I recruited the creative team behind what will be our first publication, DMC.”

IR: What services do you provide and what products are you most proud of?

ER: We are going to publish superhero comic books. We have yet to publish our first book.

IR: Tell us about your comic division and what titles are on the way?

ER: We have one forthcoming title, DMC, set for a fall 2013 release.

IR: Who are some of the creators you have signed to your company and where did you find them?

ER: There are many artists in the comic book industry that freelance. Many are in exclusive contracts with publishers and/or are tied up with projects for the next year or two. I reached out to my good friend Axel Alonso, Editor-in-Chief at Marvel for advice. Axel was well aware of schedules and projects on queue. He introduced me to Damion Scott and Ronald Wimberly, both amazingly talented storytellers in their own right. The two of them had not collaborated with each other before but jumped at the opportunity to work with me on DMC. Ronald is my writer and Damion is my penciler.

On my own I recruited inker Dexter Vines because I followed his career on amazing Marvel projects like Civil War. My colorist Christopher Sotomayor had just finished working with me on a project with penciler Carlos Pacheco which was reviewed by The New York Times.

Christopher introduced me to letterer Deron Bennett. I then recalled from one of my meetings with DMC that his favorite artist of all time was Sal Buscema. I asked around and finally legendary writer and editor Denny Fingeroth introduced me. Sal Buscema agreed to pencil the cover for our oversized collector’s edition and then I asked Klaus Janson personally if he would be the cover’s inker. Finally I asked my good friend Carlos Mare, a legendary stylemaster from graffiti’s golden widstyle era to contribute to the cover art as well.

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IR: How will Kickstarter help your company?

ER:  Initially it was going to give us the seed money we needed for the startup, but it’s turned out to be more of a launch pad for media and buzz. The project will continue to keep on production schedule even without our Kickstarter funding.

IR: How do you hope to grow in the next few years?

ER: I hope that with the success of our graphic novel we’ll be able to produce an ongoing series and eventually expand the publishing company’s roster to produce new titles.

IR: Anything else you would like to add?

ER: Since I was a child growing up in the South Bronx I have always loved comic book art and storytelling. In elementary school I was commissioned by friends to write and draw original one of a kind comic books. As an adult via my two studios, I have curated two art exhibitions with Marvel (Santerians: The Art of Joe Quesada and Marvelous Color) and have worked with various artists to produce campaigns for theatrical productions and special events.

Having the chance to work with DMC to fulfill his childhood dream is also a fulfilling one for me. I look forward to completing our first graphic novel so that I can sit down with my son and read along with him.


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