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Blood Brothers

When it comes to independent comics I have covered a lot of top independent titles from creators all over America. But what about comics from other countries?

I got the opportunity to speak to Cesar Adrian Carrasquel Cisneros (or A9, as he is more commonly known), about his new comic Blood Brothers, a quirky title that shows great promise to break through in comics.

SU: Tell us about your independent project and the process behind it?

A9: Well, Blood Brothers is an ongoing series about family, violence with a dark sense of humor. It was a comic strip I did when I was in high school in the back of my notebooks, then the idea progressed from there to a full comic-size thing, and more recently to a full 22 page comics.

Right now I do everything, the script and the art so it’s pretty straight forward, I hope to get some people on board so I can get to do another projects.

SU: How have you been able to fund your project?

A9: I printed some copies of the first issue that I dropped on Caracas Comic  Con with the help to a friend who happens to work on the graphics business industry, he had access to a printer machine and…well there you go, free printing.

But I want to do a full-fledged thing so I pack a day job doing unspeakable stuff so hopefully in the near future I can print Blood Brothers as a standard comic book.

SU:What have been your influences in creating comics and what made you want to do so in the first place?

A9: Some Spanish reprints from West Coast Avengers fell into my hands at the age of seven, maybe six, and everything started there. Also some south American comics like the Chilean Condorito or more famous stuff like El Chapulin Colorado, elsewhere known as the Red Grasshopper, and a bunch of stuff from the 80s, He Man, Thunder Cats, GI Joe.

Then when I was about 16, I came across a copy of Witchblade #1 that blew my shorts off. Michael Turner has been my inspiration ever since and you could say I’m more of a Image guy than any Marvel or DC.

The list is long, Marc Silvestri, Dave Finch, Joe Benitez–all the top cow crew is/were amazing. Stephan Sjecik is a killer.

SU: What would you like people to take in when reading your comic?

A9: Hopefully they have fun with those characters and the nonsense stuff in the script. Also there are a bunch of references from pop culture and other comics. I just hope they look at this comic and say, just what the hell happened!! And laugh a bit.

SU:  What other projects have you been working on and what kind of stuff would you like to do in comics?

A9: I’m working on getting out there and promoting myself as an artist and a creator. It’s hard work stuff. I’m sending submission to some guys and I completed some work, mostly independent stuff. I hope it gets published soon. I would like to do something in the lines of Rising Stars of Midnight Nation.

SU: What are you reading right now, any comics right now you are really into?

A9: No surprises in that field. I love the Walking Dead, but also I still enjoy some Top Cow titles like the Darkness and Witchblade with Ron Marz. Flash with Francis Manapul is looking great and the Creator-owned heroes with Jimmy Palmmioti is very cool stuff.

And just recently I bought a copy of Writing for Comics by Alan Moore, it should come in handy… hehe. And also I bought On Writing by Stephen King. It should come in handy too.!

 SU:   What are your plans for the future?

A9: I hope doing Blood Brothers for a long time. Maybe build a fan base around that title. The ideas are endless. I also want to get my art out there as much as I can and making NoOneComics grow. There are more title ideas but not enough hours in a day!

SU:    When will your project be released?

A9: Blood Brothers Issues 1 and 2 are already on the web.

I hope to complete the first volume to get this  on kickstarter so it can reach a more global audience, I expect to complete issue 3 soon, so all in all , maybe next year Im gonna be able to do a trade paperback

SU:  What is your method of writing/creating how do you come up with your content?

A9: Is different for any given project, but I usually start from the script and character development, if characters are not unique there is no point of doing a story, inspiration can come from any source, from day to day mishaps and documentary on tv or anything else, what is really important is to develop ideas into a form that is easily recognizable and enjoyable to an audience.

SU:  Anything else you would like to add?

A9:  Yeah, thanks for the chance of this interview, and go check blood brothers, is awesome!


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