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6 Self-Help Book Titles That Need Help

Your secret to Earn Money and Riches: Treasure House of Riches and Gems of Wealth By Dr. S.K. Babooa, PhD

“This is a world’s leading book written by the author Dr. S. K. Babooa in our modern times.”

The ten zillionth (allegedly) rich person deciding to let others in on their “secret” rather than using their (alleged) wealth to help the planet (or at least to hire a decent English translator). And no need for the subtitle: you had us at “Your secret.” ****************************************************************************************************

Life in the Electric Chair: A Man and His Wife Explore a Life on Wheels By Dan West

A sort of clever title for a book about someone confined to a motorized wheelchair, but the double entendre just has too much shock baggage.       ***************************************************************************************************

Sewing Chicken’s Eyes By Anna Stephens

The logic? Seems that through the process of sewing eyes onto knitted chickens, the author identified life skills that benefit managers.


“By using the process for sewing eyes onto knitted chickens, made for charity, Anna has identified a number of life skills that managers benefit from developing – primarily people skills.”

Still, titling it “Butcher Block Puppies” might have attracted more readers. *********************************************************************************************************

Destined For Greatness: You Are Not Condemned By Pastor Robert Whitehead

Sure, there are people who feel utterly depressed and hopeless. But do any of them actually feel…DUN – DUN – DUMMMM … CONDEMNED?

“This book is written expressly for anyone, who Knows someone who is in jail, been to jail, done drugs, on drugs, gang participation, can’t keep a job, trouble in school, money problems and the like.” (jeez…I think that covers just about every human being, thank you) . **************************************************************************************************************

100 Ideas to Become Richer, More Intelligent, and More Attractive By Naser Hegazy

In other words, you completely suck.

Oh by the way, we don’t trust books with 100 ideas. There just happened to be 100 ideas!  Not 96. Not 104.       ********************************************************************************************************************

The Best Solutions for Your Forty Major Problems By Naser Hegazy

From the author of “You completely suck” (see above).

Apparently each of us has precisely 40 major problems. Who knew? Big surprise that the only person who’s rated it on is the author (five stars!)

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