Too Dark to Sleep

by Dianne Gallagher

Verdict: A hard-core, psychologically tense, crime fiction with an unpredictable plot.

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IR Rating


Maggie Quinn is a strong, complex character. A former Chicago detective pushing hard to solve a case, although she has had to turn in her gun and shield.

Quinn has lost everything: her job, her daughter, her self-image and perhaps even her sanity. She is struggling against the downward spiral of depression and an irrational fear of shadows and darkness.

Hot, dark, and metallic tasting — someone –in the dark — is tearing out the hearts of victims and leaving them in pools of blood. Hired as a consultant by the Chicago Police Department, Quinn goes to work with her ex-partner, on the case of the serial killer that cost her everything.

Too Dark to Sleep is hard-core, psychologically tense, crime fiction with an unpredictable plot. The suspense is hair-raising. Danger is around every corner, in each shadow that pulls the reader forward and makes Quinn, the former top detective of Violent Crimes, untrusting of her witness’s statement, her fellow officers, and even herself.

Too Dark to Sleep has shades of Mickey Spillane and other broken investigators who take the reader for a quick spin in a fast car. The dark is every much a character as the people who work with or against the solving of crimes.

An intense read that will leave the reader panting and wanting more. Do not start reading at bedtime, because one will have to read all night. No matter when one starts, expect to be cautious of dark shadows that creep up from behind and try to pull one into the darkness.

Reviewed by Jorja Davis for IndieReader

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